Today, November 22, 2017, the first call I got in the morning was from Shachindra Sharma – Sachin ji – for all of us. There was boyish chirp in his voice as he said: “Your blog was not mobile compatible. I realized it at 6.30 in the morning when you sent a link through WhatsApp. I have worked on it and made your site mobile compatible.”

What he said was Greek to me. Everyone knows that I am a Big Duffer when it comes to computer or mobile. But as is my wont – I did not show my ignorance and pretended as if Sachin ji had made some big mistake and because of that world is at the brink of collapse.

Sachin ji continued: “Give me 15 minutes. I have worked on that and soon I will upload the new version with new design which will be mobile compatible.”

We both were talking about my blog:

This blog was created almost 5-6 years back – in July 2012 to be very precise. (Oops! Blog was my first write up. Check Since them I am sort of on and off types. Sometimes writing blog and majority of the time just wondering what should I write. Sachin ji always goaded me to continue writing the blog but procrastination is the word which had an influence on me all the time.

Time changed – so too the working conditions. I realized one should have a blog that gives a professional edge and you are called “blogger” – even if you are writing 3-4 news everyday from Lucknow that too in different publications. Why to miss that edge when you have a friend like Sachin ji to support you.

So – I decided to revive my blog:

“Continue writing now. Do not give it a break,” Sachin ji said. As is my wont I said : “Pucca pucca.”

Thank You Sachin ji helping me to revive my blog though I know your time is very precious.

Two Patiala peg of Black Label pucci – sir ji.

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