The promptness with which Uttar Pradesh police recovered seven buffaloes that belonged to senior minister Azam Khan has baffled all and sundry. In a state where parents are running from pillar to post pleading police to recover their lost children, the alacrity shown by police to recover minister’s buffaloes raises a question as why police do not show such promptness in helping common man on the road.

Police records show that in 2013 at least 28,613 children were reported missing and they are still untraced. In 2012 this figure was 24,609.

On Saturday, when the police launched buffalo hunt in Rampur, cops of two police stations were fighting literally over deciding jurisdiction of an acid attack case. The 16 year old girl was crying with pain while cops continued with their arguments. She was rushed to nearby hospital by by-standards where she is still struggling for her life. The police which is so insensitive towards people becomes sympathetic towards buffaloes only because those belonged to a minister – who happens to be Muslim face of the party.

The police called off the much-hyped hunt for the stolen buffaloes after police recovered all the seven buffalos giving respite to the police higher-ups in the state capital.The hunt was launched on Saturday after a caretaker Moshid Rafiq lodged a complaint that seven buffaloes were stolen from the farmhouse in Pasiyapura village under Thanaganj police station at the outskirt of Rampur city. The police when came to know that buffaloes belonged to Azam Khan, who is famous for throwing tantrums, it launched “Operation Buffalo Hunt”. Around 100 policemen, drawn from five police stations, were put on the trail of the missing buffaloes. Police had also deployed sniffer dogs to trace the buffaloes. Police went to nearby slaughter houses, searched adjoining forest areas and even went around the village enquiring about buffaloes.

Insiders in police find fault with the statement of SP, Rampur. They claim that two buffaloes returned to the farm-house of their own while the remaining five were found abandoned in a nearby village on Sunday. A senior IPS officer Amitabh Thakur questioned police action. “Police can deliver if asked to do so. This Buffalo Hunt proves that, he said.

The incident has however made wave in twitter and was source of joke in social media. Daya Shankar Sagar twitted to say: “How come these buffaloes stayed so long with Azam Khan.”. He was referring to the incident when personal staff en bloc gave a letter to Department of Personnel saying they would not be able to work with Azam Khan.

Another twipple Biswaranjan Banerjee said that Khan had recently gone to Spain. He must have ssen Bullfight there are tried to emulate Bhainsa fight in UP. Scares these animals ran away.

The best came from a police officer who said: “These buffaloes must have gone to Meerut to attend Modi’s rally. They were more safe there.”

Indu Prakash Sharma wrote in facebook: “These buffaloes are safe in Akhilesh raj not aam aadmi. Lo gayi bhain paani mein.”

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  1. Amitabh Thakur is right in his observation. In my locality about a year ago six seven months back a labrador pup went missing. The pup’s “owner” a cute six year old girl was obviously sad as she had lost her companion to play on sand heaps. One month later while taking Daffy on a stroll we found the cute owner again playing with the pup. Happily she told us that police wale (pup) de gaye the. Later we figured out that the cute owner was from the family of a police officer and the SGPGI police went all out to hunt for the pup of their boss!

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