My eight year old son is a hard-core Kolkata Knight Rider”s fan. Despite this team having a long losing streak he clings to this team like a monkey clings to its dead baby. Many a times suggestions have come from different quarters to change his team, but everytime he solidly refuses to bite the bait saying “next time the KKR would work hard and would win its match, for sure”.

Whenever there is KKR match he religiously follows the details though he hardly understands the nitty gritty of T-20. His understanding is limited to just one simple equation that KKR has to score more runs than its opponents. And when KKR loses its match he says in a soft but depressing voice: “our team has lost again”. When he says this the twinkle in his eyes are missing. But the next minute he says: “No wonder next time we will win the match. They will work hard now.”

Though KKR”s losing streak is a miserable experience for my son, it has come as boon in disguise for me. My office knows my soft cornor towards KKR and therefore whenever there is a match pin-pricks await me. In the first session of IPL whenever KKR won any match (though it was a rarity) I was asked to dish out Samosa and tea for the editorial department. My editor, the sports in-charge and others would ask me to send for samosa when KKR won.

This time I am saved from this extravagant torture. The KKR is losing and no one asks for treat. When the match starts our Sports in-charge just whispers in my ears: “KKR is playing today”. Saying so, a mischievous smile floats on his face as if he is prognosticating the result of the match.

On Tuesday KKR lost yet another match to Royal Challangers despite scoring 173 runs with captain McCullum playing blinder of an innings.I was quite vocal that this time KKR would definitely win this match. After the match my Editor conveyed a message through telephone operator: “KKR has lost the match now ask Biswajeet to send for samosa and tea”.

The request (in form of order) was like adding insult to injury.

As KKR continued losing to anyone and everyone, one day son of my friend said “Uncle your team should change the slogan from “Korbo, Lodbo Jitbo Re” to “Korbo, Lodbo, Harbo Re”.

The idea clicked and next day when I reached office I just started singing “Korbo Lodbo Harbo Re”. Initially, my colleagues were aghast at the change of my heart but had a hearty laugh.

The other day my brother sent me a text message in Bangla called “Official Anthem of Kolkata Knight Riders” which read:

Harbo Mora Harbo re,
Shobaar Sheshe Thakbo re,
Jit te gele khaatni onek,
Aaram keno chaarbo re?

(We will lose,
We would stay at the bottom of the table,
Victory means hard work,
Why should we shed our comfort?)

Is “Bukha naan” ready to adopt new anthem?

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