The word Blog always enticed me. Being from a small city of Lucknow, capital of north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, I always wanted to know what it was exactly. Then, I came to know Amitabh Bachchan is writing a blog. Aamir Khan is also in the blogging. I reconciled – Blog is ‘bade logon ki baat’ and is not meant for smaller mortals like me.

My joy knew no bounds when I came to know one of my friends, who was my boss in Associated Press (AP) and had joined a national paper, is writing a Blog. And another friend has become Raju Bindas in blogspot. Whew! Everyone can write blogs!

But how! I am again caught on the cross roads.

My internet surfing and adventures in different blog providers drew blank. I tried to create my own blog and started experimentation, but failed again. One of my friends Shachindra Sharma, a master of all trade, offered help. He proposed to create a blog for me, and I was ecstatic. Now, I will have my own blog. I will write my blogs and post them. I went into daydreaming. I chose even topics on which I would write blogs, my blog would win accolades, people would appreciate it, love it, and my daydreaming continued.

My blog never saw the light of the day because my friend got stuck with his business commitment and forgot about creating my blog. (My hunch feeling was, he probably thought he won’t get money from me, he procrastinated the whole process, which however proved wrong).

After almost a wait of month and a half Shachindra enquired: “What’s about your blog. Is your main article ready?”

I was stumped.

Next day, at around 11 at night, my phone rang. On the other side was the chirpy voice of Shachindra. “I have finished the initial job, what domain you want .net, .com or .in,” he asked with enthusiasm oozing out of his each word. “I do not know,” I said in whispers as if a lump had stuck my vocal chord.

“Come tomorrow, it’s Saturday. You are off, no,” he said and hung up the telephone.

I could not sleep that night, it was sheer excitement.

Next day, when I reached his home-cum-office Shachindra was working on his computer. After a warm handshake and a hug he said: “See what I have got for you the initial design. Did you like it.”

I was again speechless. He started narrating the features – the contents, contacts, stats, etc, etc in details, that all sounded Greek to me.

Suddenly Shachindra’s son Punnu interjects to say: “Why aren’t you making a blog on blogspot. Almost all blogs are on blogspot and they are free of cost.”

Weighing more than 100 kgs, ensconced in a sofa set, he started telling me benefits of blogspot. The Youngman in his early 20s’ resembled a mini snowman. I was lost in a stance. I could see he is saying something, his lips were moving, he was waiving his hands in air, sometimes trying to make me understand, but I could not grasp his words.

My reverie was broken when Shachindra shouted: “Got it”

I looked at him. Punnu too was looking at his father with an astonished look. “Your ID would be,” Shachindra said.

I agreed, and thus crossed the threshold.

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