After a long dry spell Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, got the first monsoon shower on Monday – July 30. It did not rain, but poured as if Indra Devta telling Lucknowiites never ever complain about rain (lack of it rather).

My this blog is not about rain – but about three street puppies – who had a harrowing time to keep themselves dry and what they ended up doing actually is nothing but hilarious.

Just to brief my friends – a street bitch ‘Scooby’ gave birth to puppies – may be 6 or 7. Only three survived. Joy named them Gloria, Tinggy and Dusty. All the three get food from our house. Sometimes they enter our courtyard in the morning. They eat their lunch, take siesta and in the evening move out. The whole night they stay on the street/road acting as guard for us with their mother Scooby.

Below are five pictures which will explain what happened that day and how these puppies grappled to stay dry.

When it started drizzling the three puppies came to our gate as if pleading “open the gate, it is raining”. When I asked them to come in, two came but Dusty, looked at me, and went to neighbour’s house as if saying he would be comfortable there.

When it started pouring the street outside our colony ( I live in a state government colony) was submerged in water.  All if a sudden I saw a puppy wading through almost knee-deep water. I shouted Dustyyyy, he turned back and ran towards our house.

By that time water has entered our House too. There was ankle deep water. The courtyard was submerged. I asked the three Puppies to come to front Verandah. To keep themselves dry Tinggy and Dusty tried a balancing act with flower pots.

Dusty climbed on money plant’s pot while Tinggy tried to adjust itself.

Tinggy managed to climb the flower pot and it adjusted such a way that only her head was visible amid the foliage.  Shinning eyes of Dusty are visible too at the background.

I do not know how they managed it. But when I came back almost after an hour I found them still there clinging to whatever dry space they could manage.

— Featured picture shot by Abhinav Sharma near his home in Vrindavan Colony

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