I love joining boozer”s group – not because I am a heavy drinker but I enjoy the post-drink session. I enjoy the exchange of words sometimes hot and sometimes spicy and also the mannerism in which these are uttered.

There is one “S.. Dada,” a senior member of our club who loves alcohol as fish loves water. His mantra is “polish off the bottle” before going home. Till two pegs he is a very decent person who can hold on to conversation on any subject under the sun. Another peg down his gullet, he starts making calls on his mobile.

“Haan Bhaiya”, he starts speaking and then invariably thrusts his mobile into the hands of the person sitting next to him saying, “Speak to him, he is my nephew”. The person is flummoxed because he does not know “S.. Da”s” nephew. Now two unknown persons start talking, and after exchange of few pleasantries they hang up. The action is repeated, and it goes on till the bottle is polished off.

If at night I get “S..Dada”s” call I know what is in store for me. I am forced to speak to some unknown nephew of his and I cannot escape.

Another day, when we were having a get together of our Bang Bharati Club the ladies and children were having a gala time in the main hall. Women were playing “housie” while children were dancing, playing and shouting at each other.

Select male members were busy in a drink session. The rendezvous was kitchen owing to easy access to fish fries and mutton korma. One of our “M..Dada”, who loves alcohol – if it is free – was going fast. By the time drink session was over it was decided that food should be served. People went to make preparations.

All of a sudden cries emanated from the kitchen. People went running there and were aghast to the see “M..Dada” directly urinating into the mutton korma.

“What can I do, I could not control. You know,” he muttered looking down.

After that what happened is anybody”s guess.

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