It was raining steadily. The rain drops were hitting the hard flooring and breaking into small bubbles, which formed a stream that melted into the drain water. The water, which was a second ago crystal clear turned into muddy brown water within no time. This metamorphosis was quick.

Again the rain drops … splatters the floors and water again rolls down into the drain.

I was lost in this nature’s mystery when my telephone rang breaking my reverie. I was not expecting call in the afternoon. “Hello, what are you doing?,” it was my friend Sachin. Before I could answer he continued: “Change the format of your blog. It is old. Change it into some trendy ones.”

I did not know what to say. But I liked the word change. A few minutes back I was a witness to change of pristine rain water into muddy drain water – the metamorphosis.

I was ready for this transformation.

Sachin knew I had a very little knowledge about computers and blog makings. I too know that Sachin, who is into website making and owns a company Aadi Creations, would suggest something. Some idea must have crossed his mind which made him to call me up in the afternoon.

“Look, your new blog should have many links. It should reach the world within no time. It should be very trendy and eye catching,’ Sachin said. “We will try something by evening. Give me a call when you return from office,” he said.

When I was climbing down the stairs of my office at 9.15 pm I got his call again. “Get home quickly and come to Google Talk,” he said. There was an excitement in Sachin’s voice. I knew it must be about my blog.

I reached home. Switched on the computer and found a link waiting for me. I clicked the link and the rough format of my blog flashed at the computer screen. “Ïs it OK, “the message flashed in Google Talk twice. “Ïf you clear this I will finalise the blog tomorrow,’ it said again.

I could see links Twitter, Facebook, email etc at the top of the page with some cross-heads like contents. I stared at this page for few minutes. I could not understand head or tail of it. The Google talk flashed again. There was another message. “Is it OK,” I wrote in jiffy “yes”. Because I knew the final product would not only be good but also best because Sachin is famous for giving Midas touch.

“Then write something about this change,” he said.

The change, yes it is. The blog would now be on WordPress. It would be more user friendly and easily accessible. It will have all links that connect to modern social networking sites. But, still I was grappling with the concept of change. The veneer would change but inside would remain the same – like the rain drop I saw in the noon which changed into muddy water, still did not lose its inherent character.

Yes, the inherent character of my blog would remain the same. It would be friendly, crisp and to the point. So get ready for this roller coaster ride.

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