When it comes to skipping school, we all have a story or two. But let me tell you, mine was quite the experience, especially on a rainy day in Simla.

You see, I was quite the rebel in my younger days, and often found myself skipping school to hang out at the Ridge, a beautiful spot in the city that I loved to visit. So, one rainy day, I decided to take my usual route, but to my surprise, I ended up getting home early. And that’s where things took a turn for the worse.

As soon as I entered my house, my elder sister Roma realized I had played truant. In a fit of rage, she grabbed me by the arm, and the umbrella I was carrying in the other hand, and started thrashing me with it. I was crying and howling, asking for help, but to no avail. With tears streaming down my face, I found myself being dragged towards the school gate, getting beaten with an umbrella all the way.

As we made our way towards school, passing through Ridge and Mall Road towards Lower Bazar where my school SD High School was, I could not help but feel embarrassed. People were staring at us, and some even tried to intervene, but Roma was determined to take me to school, even if it meant beating me with an umbrella.

And so, we arrived at the school gates, with me soaked to the bone and Roma looking like a fierce warrior.

When we finally reached my classroom, my teacher was aghast to see my condition. My clothes were drenched, my face was red from all the crying, and I had welts all over my arms from the umbrella beating.

My teacher asked me what had happened, but I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth. I just mumbled something, which do not remember now.

To make matters worse, my schoolmates started laughing at me as soon as I entered the classroom. It was a humiliating experience, and all I could do was sulk and take my seat, wiping tears from my eyes.

Looking back at that day now, I cannot help but chuckle. I know it was a tough love moment from my sister, and she only wanted the best for me. But boy, did she go all out with that umbrella.

When I asked her about it recently, she could not help but laugh and said, “You were such a troublemaker, and I had to do something to keep you in line. I guess I got a bit carried away with the umbrella.”

And as for my schoolmates, well, let us just say they never let me live down the umbrella beating incident. But I guess that’s just part and parcel of growing up and making mistakes.

In the end, I learned my lesson and never skipped school again. And as for Roma, well, let us just say I always made sure to be on my best behaviour around her, especially when it was raining outside.

3 thoughts on “Umbrella Justice: How My Sister Taught Me to Never Play Truant Again”
  1. In our childhood, the proverb spare the rod and spoil the child ruled supreme. All those who were children in 1900s must have a tale or two to tell. Here is one from your truly:

    one afternoon, I was stealing raw mango from a tree, whose owner Pandit Shyamlal, all around a quintal with huge tummy, was sleeping under the same tree on a cot. One mango slipped my hand and fell on his tummy. He woke up cussing me. But before he could catch me, I jumped off the tree and ran away. The complaint reached home, and I got a good thrashing from mother.

    It will be interesting to hear such stories from other readers.

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